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Saturday, April 24, 2010

All Grades TAKS Math Charts

No matter what grade you are in, check out each Math chart, starting with 3rd grade. As you will see, each year the chart grows and with that the expectation that each previous year's formulas are added to new concepts that will be tested on for that year's test. As a teacher, I've found that the students are not spending enough time using the chart and therefore don't value using it during the actual test. If you're in middle school, take a look at the high school chart. When you get to high school, please know that you'll be expected to know all middle school TAKS Math concepts from the 8th grade chart, which take care of 3rd-8th Math concepts.
Wishing you all the best!!


  1. Thanks, It helped me soososososososo much on my hm....


  2. thanks for helping ym on my homework.

  3. thanks for helping me on my homework
    how would the worlds be with out a computer

  4. how do you plot a chart with the following equation:
    y=3x-9 where x is greater than or equal to -5 and less than or equal to 5

  5. Hi buddy ,
    Want to know how to find area through Diameter of a Circle and it's volume .